Shortly after the turn of the century a young woman created a trading situation in the East End of Glasgow,

which has now become world renowned as,

“The Barras”! 

Margaret Russell, the daughter of an Ayrshire policeman and a French polisher, got her first taste of business at the tender age of 12, when she looked after a fruit barrow belonging to her Mother’s friend in Parkhead Glasgow.

She thrived in this environment and saved up enough money to open a small fruit shop in Brigton. While running the shop she met James McIver whom she later married..

Together they set up a business in the yard area of Calton, renting out horses and carts to traders, who hawed around the wealthier Glasgow streets.   They soon acquired more land in Moncur St renting out static carts to traders to sell goods on a Saturday morning..

This area became known as the Barrowlands and is now affectionately known as “The Barras”.

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